Headquarters “Los Gorrones” sits on the main plaza of Roldanillo. The space is suitable for briefings, equipment checking, team leader meetings and social functions. GPS/scoring, retrieve management and media facilities are available in ancillary areas. A bar/restaurant, swimming pool, and wi‐fi make it the perfect social spot. An office will be available for CIVL officials with office equipment as required. Team ‘’pigeon‐holes’’ will be provided for paper‐communication with team leaders where necessary. The preferred communication will be by email if agreed at the first team‐leader meeting. Wired internet will be available for the event organisation to ensure full functionality of live tracking, retrieve and media requirements.
Country entry requirements
Vaccinations recommended for competitors: Typhoid and Hepatitis are recommended by some authorities. No vaccinations are officially required to enter Colombia.

Details of visas required for visitors from FAI member nations: There are no nationality restrictions for travel to Colombia. A visa is required, except for citizens of the following countries (who stay strictly for tourism purposes and for a maximum of 90 days): Argentina, Austria, Barbados, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Chile, Denmark, Ecuador, El Salvador, Spain, United States, Finland, France, Great Britain, Guatemala, Italy, Japan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Mexico, Norway, The Netherlands, Peru, Poland, Republic of Korea (South Korea), Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguay, Venezuela.

Map and HQ location
Colombia , Roldanillo , Carrera 7, 7-20 
Roldanillo CO

Most international flights layover in Bogota's "El Dorado International Airport". The international and domestic terminals are connected by a shuttle. From Bogota take the quick domestic flight to Armenia, Pereira, or Cali where you can easily find ground transport to Roldanillo. For cost and convenience we highly recommend you fly into Pereira.
If you would like the organization to pick you up from Cali or Pereira please contact us with a detailed itinerary and plan. We would also appreciate a call or email during your layover in Bogota confirming your on time arrival.

Local airport taxis are safe and offer competitive pricing for 1 or 2 pilots with gear. Groups should contact the organization for pickup. Budget travelers can find buses to Roldanillo from Pereira, Cali, or Armenia. The bus terminals and airports are separate.

Recommended city to fly into. 1 and 15 minute drive to Roldanillo.
The second most important airport in Colombia. Cali's “Alfonso Bonilla Aragon” airport services domestic and international flights and adds new international routs regularly. 2 hour drive to Roldanillo.
Smaller airport and city with less service. 1 and 30 minute drive to Roldanillo.
From the bus terminals in Pereira, Cali, or Armenia look for the Roldanillo's local bus company De Occidente for safe and comfortable transport.

De Occidente: www.deoccidente.com/roldanillo/
The company is comfortable servicing international Paraglide pilots and very helpful.